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Updated Questions and Answers on the Lawsuit against Rowland and Ryan

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On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 the Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit of SEBAC v. Rowland announced a settlement agreement after nearly 12 years of litigation. We are proud of our members and their unions for showing the courage and tenacity to stand up for the rights of free speech not just themselves but for all of us. Truly, when a governor punishes people for the group to which they belong -- whether it be a union, a religion, or a political party – that governor shows disdain for our Constitution, and the democratic rights upon which we all depend.

For more information please look on our document page. IN UNITY


Silver, Golub has opened its initial website for class members -- it's at  http://www.sgtlaw.com/class-action-sebac-v-john-g-rowland/

Obviously this information can be disseminated freely, but I just want to point out that that the page while informative is not complete  -- it does not yet (but shortly should) have the link to the page where members can give information directly about themselves.    What the page says about that is:
If you believe you are a member of the class, we are creating a separate Contact Us page for you to provide us with some basic information about you and your State employment.  That page is under development.
So if you choose to disseminate the above link, make sure members know that it's a work in progress, and that no action from them is necessary at this time.    The link is for now only to give them information.
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