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JPE Update

Brothers & Sisters,

JPE is on a path of prosperity, seeking to improve the culture within the Judicial Branch for the betterment of our membership. We have expanded the number of job classes represented by JPE for the first time since the 1980s, and the diversity of our membership undeniably shapes the community it serves.  JPE is not merely the construct of the Executive Board; rather it is that of each and every member in our Union.  As we move forward, all of our members have a voice, and yes, the Executive Board is listening.

In the next few months JPE will launch a new website inclusive of relevant content to our membership; internal, statewide and national.  Furthermore, we look to use this website as the backbone of a communication center where our members can gain insight to all that the Executive Board and the independent committees are doing on everyone’s behalf.  The effective changes that JPE works hard to make, improving work conditions and community assistance, will become more apparent through this improved communication medium.  It is time everyone knows the value of our union membership and the tremendous impact we have shaping the workplace and the Connecticut community.  Many other exciting features will be evident once the new site is launched.

For the time being, the current website will remain available and please take the time to reacquaint yourself with your job class representative and reach out to him or her to ask a question, get immediate assistance, or just to say hello. Get excited and be prepared for great things to come!

In Solidarity,

Keith Wortz

Communications Chair

Judicial Professional Employees Union



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