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JPE Update

Hello JPE!

Due to the impact of Hurricane Florence, the credentials mailed to our membership from eBallot were delayed.  If you have not received your credentials in the mail, please contact an Elections committee official; Keith Wortz at 203-996-8342 or by email .  Please provide your employee number, job class & worksite, to authenticate your membership status to receive your voting credentials.  Voting will remain open until Wednesday, September 26, 2018 @ 5pm. 

You may follow this link to access the Judicial Professional Employees Union voting and enter your credentials once you have received them:


Voting includes two Constitution change proposals and a CSSD/HD Trustee election.  If you are not in a CSSD/HD job class you will only see the Constitution change proposals on your ballot.  The constitutional change proposals are for the following purposes:

  • 1st constitutional change - The Executive Board is seeking a change in language in Article 3 § 4 that pertains to the required payment of union dues by the membership. This change is in response to the Janus decision. The language change would eliminate the prospect of a financial obstacle preventing a member from rejoining JPE if there were to be a lapse in membership.

  • 2nd constitutional change - The Executive Board would like to expand the number of officers on the Executive Board. JPE has exponentially expanded over the last year as more non-union job classes have opted to join us here at JPE. This welcomed expansion requires broader representation on the Executive Board in order to better serve the membership. Changing the language of Article 4 § 1, which limits the number of officers, would ensure that the level of Executive Board representation meets the needs of the membership and remains in lockstep with the growth of our union. 

In solidarity,

JPE Elections Committee


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