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We’ve Launched Our Steward Program!

On Friday, June 15th, many of our co-workers participated in a JPE/AFT steward training. Our stewards are trained to represent members in discipline meetings, handling grievances, and other contract related issues. Per our contract, we are able to train 24 members at a time, so for members interested- There will be more steward trainings soon! If you are interested in becoming a steward contact:

Deb Kern at


Carmen Roda 


Deb Kern

Vice President

Sara Basford


Mike Barry


Maurice Flowers 

Adult Probation Rep

Tim Haggerty

Adult Probation Rep

Keith Wortz

All Other Rep

Tara Bartlett

Asst Clerk Rep

Ed Conway

Chief Probation Rep

Matt Walker

Family Relations Rep

Mike Murray

Juvenile Probation Rep

Blair Watton

Support Enforcement Rep

Member Stewards:

Bryan Habif

Social Worker 2

Craig Malone

Assistant Clerk

Debbie Argento

Juv. Det. Program Officer

Gene Mauro

Adult Probation Officer II

Geoff Kane

Adult Probation Officer II

Janet Tarallo

Adult Probation Officer II

Janice Hylton

Adult Probation Officer I

John Hall

Family Relations Counselor 2

Kincy Wallace

Juv. Det. Program Officer

Ed Conway

Adult Probation Officer II

Phil Schuff

Adult Probation Officer II

Updated Longevity Table
Posted 10/13/2011 10:58am

Members who qualify for an October longevity payment should consult the chart to find the payment's value. All subsequent longevity payments will be at full value. Click here for the current table: Longevity Table

Constitution articles covering JPE's election process
Posted 08/21/2011 11:38pm

Please click this link to review a portion of our constitution that covers officer positions and the election process: Constitution Election Articles





Last Updated on October 13, 2011