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Will there be layoffs:

At this point (3/24/16) there has been no indication weather or not there will be layoffs.  We will notify our members as soon as we have any information.


Is there a Seniority List?

The Judicial Branch does not have an active seniority list. JPE has requested the Branch to develop a seniority list. JPE will post as soon as one is received


If I am separated from service , what benefit time (Sick, Vacation, PL, or Comp) will i get paid for?

If an employee is separated from service they will get paid for their vacation time and FSLA time. Employees will not get paid for PL, Sick, or Regular Comp time.  

Will I be covered by my medical benefits?

Medical is covered until the end of the month in which the employee is laid off. After that an employee can go on COBRA.




The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has notified the Judicial Branch that employees in permanent status, who are laid-off with at least six months or more of service, will be eligible for the continuation (up to four months) of health insurance, which includes the month of layoff under SEBAC.  For example, if an employee is laid off effective June 24, June is the first month. July, August and September are the remaining months of coverage.

Eligible individuals must continue to pay the employee portion to receive this extension. The Judicial Branch Payroll Unit will bill eligible employees who elect the four month extension on a monthly basis.  The employee address on record will be used for this purpose.


COBRA continuation of coverage will be offered at the end of the four month extension period for an additional 30 months. All individuals who wish to enroll in COBRA must do so within 60 days from the date the Judicial Branch coverage ends, or from the date of the COBRA notice, whichever is later. The Judicial Branch Payroll Unit will mail a COBRA application to the employee address on record for the COBRA election.


Laid-off employees who elect COBRA will be billed on a monthly basis by the Anthem COBRA Administrator.  Employees pay 102% of the premium (the employee portion plus the state portion and a 2% administrative fee). The full COBRA premium must be paid within 45 days of election. For health insurance options other than COBRA, please contact the Health Insurance Marketplace at 1-855-805-4324 or visit www.accesshealthct.com


On a related matter, the Office of the State Comptroller has advised that a refund of contributions to the Retiree Health Fund (Form CO-1301) can be requested at any time after separation from service. However, you may receive the refund sooner if the application is submitted while your payroll record is still active (before separation).


If you have any questions that need to be addressed, please contact Human Resource Management (HRM) at 860-706-5280. HRM wants to assure you that we will do everything we can to provide you with answers to your questions during this difficult period.