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Welcome to the website section for the rest of us!  I won’t try to list all the job classes, there are about 240 of us in 17 job titles and each category has from 1 member statewide (Asst. Admin. Dir. St. Bar Exm. Comm. And Recovery Specialist ) to 49 members (Caseflow Coordinator – thanks to the foreclosure mediation program).  Together we are about one fifth of the JPE union and about one twentieth of the Judicial Branch (even more of us than judges)!  Most of us work in the Judicial Clerk’s offices across the state but we also work for the Public Defenders as Social Workers, Librarians in the Judicial Libraries, with the Prosecutors as Victim Services Advocates and lots of surprising places in between.

          If you have anything you would like to share with members we hope to be able to share it here so let us know!  Has anyone won the Liberty Bell Award?  Have you been instrumental in the development of a program that is new or changing Judicial in some way?  Please let us know so we can share our success!
 I have been fortunate to meet many of you in visits around the state but I know there are many of you I have not had the chance to meet.  I want every member I represent to know I am always available for any questions or concerns. 

For those of you that have not met me, I’m Mary Fortier and I started in Judicial in 1996 as a TAC and have worked in New Britain, Stamford and currently Waterbury.  Presently I am a Caseflow Coordinator for Complex Litigation.  In the Union, I am representing our unit at SEBAC and trying to answer member questions on the new Health Enhancement Program.
Our union is moving forward and working to become a more active group and we appreciate any input you have.  If you are interested in becoming more involved or have any issue or concern do not hesitate to contact me at