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What You Need to Know About SEBAC
SEBAC, State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition was created by statute to be the way all state employee unions bargain together for pension and healthcare benefits.    
Health Care Cost Containment Committee (HCCCC) is an important part of SEBAC agreement   It is a Joint Labor-Management Committee made up of labor representatives and representatives of management.
 The HCCCC meets on a regular basis usually the first Monday of each month at the Office of the State Comptroller.  The State Comptroller has the duty to procure a health insurance plan consistent with the collective bargaining agreement and provides a vital role in administering and monitoring the experience of the health plans. The HCCCC labor representatives are Sal Luciano, AFSCME; Al Camargo, AFT; Robert Rinker, CSEA,SEIU; Ron McClellan CEUI, SEIU; Steve Greatorex, CSU-AAUP; Attorney Robert Krzys serves as the Union spokesperson. The HCCCC management representatives are Robert Dakers, Office of Policy and Management; Linda Yelmini, Office of Labor Relations; Karen Nolen, Office of Policy and Management; Mary Ellen Breault, Insurance Department. The Comptroller’s Health Policy and Benefits Division also attends the meetings which are chaired by Dr. Thomas Woodruff of that Division. The Milliman firm serves as actuaries to the Health Plan and also attends the monthly meetings.
 Currently, the major focus of their meetings has been the implementation of the Health Enhancement Program (HEP).  The labor members of the HCCCC committee make reports to the SEBAC leaders at SEBAC meetings. The HCCCC meeting agendas and minutes are available on the Comptroller’s website.
 Preliminary reports indicate that the new Health Enhancement Program is providing savings in some areas already.  A few important things to remember about the Health Care Cost Containment Committee:
  • The HCCCC committee will be the decision maker for appeals regarding compliance under the HEP. 
  • Any information for an appeal of a healthcare related decision can be sent to the HCCCC committee c/o Comptroller’s Office. 
  • The Comptroller’s website should be the best place for up to date accurate information about all aspects of your health plans, including the HEP requirements.
For JPE members who are NOT Hazardous Duty there are changes in eligibility for retirement scheduled to take place in 2022.  If you are eligible to retire before July 1, 2022, under previous rules there will be no change for you.  If you would have been eligible for retirement sometime after July 1, 2022, you will be asked to elect to contribute a percentage to maintain the pre-2022 age and service requirements.  You will be asked to make your election by June 30, 2013 and contribution would begin after July 1, 2013.  Attachment F to the 2011 SEBAC agreement can be used to calculate your contribution based on your age and years of service.
The 2011 SEBAC agreement contains language about transforming the way the state of Connecticut does business.  The goals include:
  1. Harness  the creativity and experience of front-line bargaining and non-bargaining unit state employees to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government;
  2. Streamline and flatten organizational structures to concentrate on service delivery;
  3. Examine and redress barriers to the most efficient use of in-house resources to address agency and cross-agency needs;
  4. Discourage the use of outside contractors and consultants when internal capacity exists or can reasonably be developed; and
  5. Make best efforts to ensure that vendors and service providers doing business with the state do so at reasonable rates of return and under terms that reflects the shared sacrifice being asked from all sectors of Connecticut society.     SEBAC 2011, p. 1
The JPE-AFT union will be working closely with the other unions that work in the Judicial Branch as well as Judicial management as we move forward with this process.  Members who want to be involved in the transformation process at any level can contact Mary Fortier, JPE Executive Board representative to SEBAC at