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The Judicial Professional Employees Union represents a wide range of employees in nearly all agencies in Connecticut’s Judicial Branch.  JPE's All Other Groups provides the greatest diversity of job classes. While we have fewer employees than other Union groups, we represent over 47% of all job classes in JPE.  We are working diligently to strengthen our Union and the All Other Groups is integral in achieving this goal.  Therefore, it is essential for us to work together to ensure that each and every member of the All Other Groups is informed of evolving matters that may impact our jobs, is aware of this website, and knows who their Union Representative is.  Please help strengthen our Union by communicating with our brother and sister union members and staying connected with the JPE.


You are represented in the All Other Groups of the JPE if you are in any of the following Job Classes:


  • Assistant Administrative Director State Bar Examining Committee

  • Assistant Bar Counsel

  • Caseflow Coordinator I

  • Caseflow Coordinator II

  • Caseflow Coordinator Trainee

  • Claims Supervisor

  • Compliance Specialist I

  • Compliance Specialist II

  • Compliance Specialist Trainee

  • Counsel, Legal Services

  • Counsel to the Chief Judge - Appellate Court

  • Court Officer, JD

  • Court Services Officer, Juvenile Matters

  • Housing Specialist

  • Law Librarian I

  • Law Librarian II

  • Law Librarian Trainee

  • Mediation Specialist I

  • Mediation Specialist II

  • Mediation Specialist Trainee

  • Mitigation Specialist

  • Motions Staff Attorney - Appellate Court

  • Permanent Law Clerk to Appellate Judge

  • Permanent Law Clerk to the Supreme Court

  • Recovery Specialist

  • Social Worker 1 - Public Defender’s

  • Social Worker 2 - Public Defender’s

  • Social Worker 3 - Public Defender’s

  • Supervising Law Librarian

  • Supervising Motions Staff Attorney 

  • Victim Services Advocate

  • Victim Services Supervisor

  • Volunteer/Intern Program Coordinator

  • Volunteer/Intern Program Coordinator Trainee


Please contact your All Other Groups representative, Keith Wortz, at you have any questions regarding the contract, negotiations, layoffs, union rights, representation, or any other union matter.