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The sick bank committee consists of 6 members, 3 JPE Union Executive Board members and 3 Judicial Managers. In order to grant a request, you need 4 votes to be approved. Each member of the committee receives a copy of the applicant’s packet.
 The committee reviews the employee’s application, medical documentation, and attendance calendars to determine whether or not to accept or reject the request.
There are 6 requirements to determine eligibility.
1 Probationary period is completed and the person has contributed to the sick bank
2 The employee has exhausted all personal, vacation and sick leave including advanced sick leave (if eligible)
3 The illness is not covered by Workman's comp and/or such compensation benefit has been exhausted
4 An acceptable medical certificate supporting the continued absence is on file.
5 The bank has not been depleted
6 In the judgment of the committee the extent and circumstance of the applicant's usage of sick leave prior to the illness in question do not constitute abuse of sick leave.
 Emergency Sick Leave Bank Guidelines can be found in union contract  located  at http://jpeunion.com/Page.asp?n=57887&org=jpeunion.com